Darlene McDonald for Congress

My name is Darlene McDonald and I’m running as a Democrat for the United States House of Representatives to represent Utah District 4




What do I believe?

I believe in economic justice.
I believe Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid must be protected.
I believe in immigration reform and that families should not be torn apart.
I believe that everyone should have access to healthcare and that it is a right and not a privilege afforded to just a few.
I believe in science.
I believe climate change is real.
I believe in diplomacy and that war is not the answer.
I believe in education and that we must invest in our future by investing in education.
I believe a strong economy creates jobs.
I believe we must train our workforce for the jobs of the future without giving empty promises for jobs lost to automation and technology.

Unite For Healthcare Rally

Darlene McDonald's powerful speech at the June 10, 2017 Unite For Healthcare March and Rally at the Wallace F. Bennett Federal building in Salt Lake City.

Posted by Darlene McDonald For Congress on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Who am I?

Hello and welcome to my official page. My name is Darlene McDonald and I’m running for the United States House of Representatives to represent Utah District 4. This congressional seat is currently held by Representative Mia Love.

I’m new on the political scene. I’ve never held public office, but I’m not new to politics. I’m passionate about issues that impact the everyday lives of the people of Utah, the people of this country, and people around the world. The reason why that’s important is because our representatives are sent to Washington to represent the voice of their constituents. Too many of us have been ‘voiced out’. Our voices ARE NOT being represented in Washington.


Our campaign will only be as strong as our volunteers – folks from around the state who are willing to lend their time and energy to strengthening our state and our nation. Take the first step in your community by signing up now.

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Empowering the Chaos President

If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of hearing about Donald Trump. He is a master at desecrating American values and norms, and we are permanently stuck on high alert. Too many of our elected officials seem comfortable turning a blind eye to the constant attacks on the American way of life…

The sanctity of family

“America's health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.” ― Walter Cronkite I believe family is the fundamental unit of society. Everything revolves around families. Societies rise and fall with the health of the family. When the family is weak, so are we all. I’m not one to…

What people hate about politics

In Utah we shun contention. We don’t like confrontation and we are uncomfortable in arguments, at least in person. I’ve noticed a lot of us are far more comfortable hurling rhetorical grenades on Facebook than we ever would be in person. This desire to avoid confrontation comes from a good place.…

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Be a part of the movement and participate in building a better future for our country! Join this historic campaign and stand up for the values that make our country great. Make a difference.
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