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Darlene McDonald

Author. Activist. Keyboard Diva.

i read. i write. i know things.

I’ve always been an avid reader. I remember the trips to the library as a kid. I remember getting a book and sitting on the floor in front of the small bookcase. I remember losing myself between the pages. Every writer must first be a reader. To read is to learn. To learn is to know things.

Thank you!

Democratic National Committeewoman

Thank you!

Democratic National Committeewoman

Thank you!

Democratic National Committeewoman

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45 senators voted to table impeachment. They're going to let him get away with summoning a mob to rise up against the United States to prevent a peaceful transfer of power by methods of intimidation, kidnapping, or potentially murdering lawmakers, including the Vice President. 🤬

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Thank you! for your vote and your support. I’m excited to have been elected DNC National Committeewoman to represent Utah.

As National Delegate for Joe Biden, I’m also excited to be joining the Utah delegation that will travel to Milwaukee to nominate Joe Biden to be the Democratic nominee for President.

This is exciting, but this is also a critical time for our country. It is important that we come together not as Biden delgates, Sanders delegates, Warren delegates, or Bloomberg Delegates, but as the delgation from Utah that will nominate the next Democratic President of the United States.

I’m proud to be among the men and women chosen for this important task. I plan to represent Utah well.

Thank you – Darlene McDonald


Utah Black Voters Matter

What is Utah Black Voters Matter?

Working to increase black voter turnout in Utah

Stay Tuned.



“The pen is mightier than the sword.”
For some activists, the best way for them to bring attention to social issues and injustices is to write. Storytellers are needed. They are necessary. Social justice keyboard divas use elequent prose to inform. They are not social media cowards who hide behind the anonymity of the Internet to inflame, insult, or instigate. They may, on occasion start, ‘Good trouble.’ They are brilliant novelist, essayists, bloggers, and poets who informs and spark conversation. That is how I define, Keyboard Diva.