We are in the midst of a Constitutional crisis.

The White House is in chaos. The President of the United States is just over 110 days into his presidency, and he’s already delivered classified information directly to the Russians, fired his national security advisor, a top national security aide, the Acting Attorney General, and now the FBI Director.

The FBI Director who, it should be noted, was leading the investigation into Donald Trump himself. It’s as if he wants to hide something.

And yet, my opponent in Congress is okay with all this. She has joined her Republican colleagues in supporting, aiding, and abetting Donald Trump. She has stayed silent through all this obstruction of justice. She has not bothered to stand up against her party’s leader even once.

When a representative won’t do what’s right, it’s time for the people to take their power back. You have to step up.

Members of Congress are Americans first, partisans second. Or at least that’s how it should be. I am running to represent Utah and the way Utahns think: I will stand up to leadership of either party when necessary. I won’t be afraid to vote against bad legislation, to stand up against waste, fraud, and abuse, even when it’s supported by fellow Democrats.

To me, the job of Representative isn’t meant to be filled by people who put party over country.

Donald Trump is too dangerous to be left unchecked.

Utah deserves someone who will stand up for Utah values.