Democrats believed that once people understood Obamacare, they would like it. And there is plenty of polling to prove them right — as early as 2010, polls showed support for most of the individual provisions of Obamacare at much higher rates than for “Obamacare” itself. The anti-Obamacare marketing campaigners had been very effective.

(Speaking of which, have you seen the “death panels” the Republicans promised us? Funny how those never actually happened, isn’t it?)

There is a big difference in how Republicans are behaving now. Whereas Democrats believed that people would love their bill as soon as they fully understood it, Republicans believe that people will hate TrumpCare as soon as they fully understand it.

And they’re right. Unsurprisingly, it’s not super popular to take money from poor and sick people and give it to rich people in the form of tax breaks.

And it will never be popular. The Republicans are embracing a strategy of backroom policymaking because they know what sunlight would do to their whole process.

Our current Representative won’t stand up to Donald Trump. I know you and I both want someone to stand up to Trump. Let’s join forces to send her a message.