I am running for office to raise my voice and encourage others to raise theirs. It’s time for the people of Utah’s 4th Congressional District to have a voice again.

And, you better believe I’ll hold real — in-person — town halls where I’ll listen to the voices I’m supposed to represent. I’m not sure how one can claim to represent people and then not ever find the time to actually stand in the same room with them.

I am under no illusion that everyone will love all my policy positions. I expect disagreement, and I respect those with different opinions. That’s a big part of living in a society and making decisions that affect us all.

What I have less patience for, though, is elected officials remaining effectively silent on important issues. For example, three of President Trump’s egregious actions are particularly baffling to me: his unconstitutional travel ban targeting people based on religion, his Trumpcare debacle and his decision to go back on America’s word regarding the Paris Climate Accord.


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