Today, the Republican Rep in UT-4 votes lockstep with Trump and was an ally in his plan to reshape Obamacare into a giveaway to America’s billionaires. This isn’t OK!

There’s hope, though. Darlene McDonald, a charismatic and compassionate Democrat, is running to take back the UT-4 seat! Darlene needs your help to do it. She supports Medicare for All, and just made a big splash at the Utah Democratic Party Convention this past weekend (where Berniecrat Daisy Thomas was also elected new party chair!).

Can you imagine having a healthcare champion from Utah standing up to Trump in Congress? Here’s what Darlene has to say about her support for Medicare for All:

I am simply not comfortable rationing care based on wealth. That seems to be the exact opposite of what we believe here in Utah. We believe that families are the fundamental unit of society, not the wealthy family, but all families. All families deserve to have quality health care.

Really American is spreading the word about Darlene because this race is imminently winnable if we start early – the district was Democratic just three years ago! Will you chip in $10 or more to help Darlene reach $15,000 in grassroots donations before the June 30 reporting period? Let’s show Trump and the GOP that we’ve had enough!


Nathan Brown
Really American Founder