Your vote is your voice!

Vote Up Issues Important to You

Our representatives are sent to Washington to represent the voice of their constituents. Too many of us have been ‘voiced out’. Our voices ARE NOT being represented in Washington.

Let’s change that, together!

Health care for all

The AHCA is a disaster, and the ACA failed to fully cover all or curb costs. It’s time to take partisanship out of health care and work together on a solution that provides for all Americans.

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Catch the cheaters

A rigged economy that benefits a few well-connected special interests is a betrayal of the American Dream. We must continue our nation’s long tradition of making sure everyone–from the top of the economy down to the bottom–pulls their own weight. This requires a vigilant watchdog for the wealthy and a charitable hand up (not a handout) for the least fortunate.

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Love for our Neighbors

Utah is a world leader in welcoming refugees fleeing from war-torn regions of the world. The rest of the country needs to step up and follow the Beehive State on this issue–these are our brothers and sisters, and they deserve our help. Similarly, Republicans and Democrats know that our immigration system is broken and unsustainable.

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