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Our representatives are sent to Washington to represent the voice of their constituents. Too many of us have been ‘voiced out’. Our voices ARE NOT being represented in Washington.

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A 21st Century Approach to Health Care

The Republic plan (AHCA) is a disaster, raising premiums, slashing public funds and ending important programs for seniors. The ACA was a step in the right direction, providing coverage for 17 million Americans, but left gaps in both affordability and accessibility. Darlene advocates an approach that balances short-term fixes with a long term solution. It’s time to change our approach, utilize technological advances in the field of medicine, and bring solutions that benefits all Americans.

  • Single Payer Health Care: A better system for patients and providers, expanding Medicare to all Americans means better care to more people with less cost. If elected, Darlene will proudly sign her name alongside 122 House co-sponsors of H.R. 676.
  • The Public Option: The introduction of a government insurance plan, run by the states, to compete with existing private plans would help transition the US to single-payer universal health-care system.
  • A National Prevention Strategy: We can save billions annually by shifting our system from one based on sickness and disease to one focused on prevention and wellness by rewarding consumers who get annual screenings; a health-care system versus a ‘sick-care’ system.
  • Expand Genetic Testing: The fasting growing field in medicine, genetic testing allows consumers to self-identify as ‘high risk’. We can cut costs to consumers who have their DNA code sequenced and synced with their medical records to prevent disease before it occurs.
  • Expand Employers Wellness Programs: Reward employers who redesign employee health plans to provide incentives for healthy behaviors such as quitting smoking, using public transportation, and other ideas that promotes a culture of health in the workplace
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Prosperity Not Debt: A New American Economy

America’s $21T debt is not because we don’t have workers or industry or initiative. Our debt reflects our lack of priorities. Since Wall St was bailed out we’ve witnessed an explosion of new millionaires, while our child poverty remains the highest of any developed country. An economy rigged by the billionaire class is a betrayal of the American Dream. Americans are working longer hours for lower wages while the vast majority of new income flows upward to the top 1%. Below are four initiatives that will help restore our economy and benefit our communities.

  • Economic Justice: No American working 40 hours should live in poverty. Increase to $15 the minimum wage. Create 13M jobs by investing $1 trillion over 5 years rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure. Empower working women by passing the Paycheck Fairness Act for pay-equity. Pass the Outsourcing Prevention Act to stop corporations from shipping American jobs overseas.
  • Prosperity Not Debt: We must reverse the debt. We can do so without raising taxes or cutting necessary programs by slashing America’s bloated defense budget, eliminating fraud and abuse from necessary programs like Medicare, and outlawing offshore tax havens so that corporations pay little or no taxes; in 1950 the share of the federal budget paid by corporations was 33%. Today its 9%. Let’s fix this.
  • Restore Unions to Power: Pass the Employee Free Choice Act and /or The Workplace Democracy Act. Institute card check, Restore collective bargaining rights and make unionizing easier.
  • Don’t Break Big Banks, Restructure Them: Apply Glass-Steagall method. Rather than capping or breaking institutions, Divide ‘Too Big To Fail’ banks into three separate units: Investments (trading, hedge funds), Wholesale (corporations, investors), and Retail (consumers, small business). This allows the industry to thrive while protecting families from losing everything in an economic downturn.
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Love Our Neighbors, Protect Our Communities

Utah is a world leader in welcoming refugees fleeing from war-torn regions of the world. The rest of the country needs to step up and follow the Beehive State on this issue–these are our brothers and sisters and they deserve our help. In a post-911 world, we must know who is entering our country. We can have a humane immigration policy that protects our borders and communities.

  • Border Security, Not Walls: The surest way to secure our borders is to utilize 21st century technology, cameras, fixed towers, aerial and underground sensors
  • Secure the Ports: The majority of illegal drugs entering the US is via our ports of entry. A better use of resources is to strengthen US Customs and Border Protection’s Container Security Initiative and invest in state-of-the-art detection technologies.
  • Fix the Visa System: 10 years ago, visa overstays (undocumented aliens remaining longer than their visa allows) first exceeded the number of aliens crossing the border illegally. Let’s fund and expand the Biometric Entry-Exit System, as recommended by the 911 Commission, increasing biometric capabilities so that we may better keep in contact with foreigners coming and going.
  • Work With Mexico: The US shares a 700-mile border with Mexico where 50 million people live on $4 a day. Let’s encourage and assist Mexico’s efforts to curtail economic inequality, curb cartel violence and build its economy (2nd largest in Latin America) to create a sustainable working environment for its citizens.
  • Allow Immigrants to Purchase Health Coverage: This will alleviate the financial burden on citizens who already purchase insurance and are paying for the uncompensated cost of immigrants health care.
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