Darlene and Michael McDonald run into Daughter after Evacuation from Puerto Rico

The first thing that caught Michael McDonald’s eye was the woman’s hair — significantly longer than it was when his daughter embarked on her Mormon mission to Puerto Rico in May, but the same tawny brown curls.

“I said: ‘Is that her? Is it really her?’ I couldn’t quite believe it,” Michael said.

In the wake

of destruction left by Hurricane Maria, his daughter Erin McDonald had been evacuated Saturday from Puerto Rico, where she was serving a Mormon mission.

“We were just so grateful and so fortunate, but I felt so horrible for the parents who don’t have that opportunity,” Darlene said. “As a parent who missed out on hugging your child for a couple of years, it’s just so hard.”

Michael took pictures of the three other missionaries together to text to their parents to let them know “your kids are safe, here they are smiling in Atlanta.”


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